Alexei Nemov’s Master Classes

Type: Mentoring & Workshops

Format: sports master classes
Date & Venue: 25-26 November 2015 in Samara and Togliatti
Guests: 550


Alexei Nemov’s Master Classes

December ′2015

The most accomplished Russian gymnasts led by three-time Olympic champion and Editor-in-Chief of BOLSHOI SPORT magazine, Alexei Nemov, held open master classes for young students of sports schools in the Samara region.

Master classes, organized by the Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia with the support of NOVIKOMBANK, were held on November 25 in Samara at the Grace Training Center and on November 26 in Togliatti at the Olympus School of Olympic Reserve No. 10.

About 550 children aged 5 to 15 took advantage of the master classes. The young athletes were taught by superstar gymnasts who shared their secrets of the ideal way to perform various exercises. The kids also saw exhibition performances by sports school students, were able to talk to the superstars, and had a photo and autograph session.

On November 25 and 26, the sports school students were mentored by:
• Four-time European champion, five-time world champion, and four-time Olympic champion Alexei Nemov;
• Three-time all-around European champion, three-time all-around world champion, and two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina;
• Two-time European champion, two-time world champion, and two-time Olympic champion Elena Zamolodchikova;
• All-around world champion and Olympic champion, Nikolai Kryukov;
• Olympic champion and winner of the Goodwill Games Elena Shevchenko.

The opening ceremony of Alexei Nemov’s master classes were attended by Minister of Sports of the Samara Region, Dmitry Shlyakhtin; Advisor to the Novikombank president, Andrey Starostin; and representative of Togliatti Novikombank branch, Andrey Kartomyshev.

The event was supported by NOVIKOMBANK, whose corporate responsibility policy preserves a special place for supporting the development of national sports. The Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, the Government of the Samara Region, and the Ministry of Sports of the Samara Region also made their important contributions to the organization of the sports festival.